Sunday, July 30, 2017

Valuable Topps Sports Cards - Derek Jeter

Find your favorite rookie sports cards here including 1993 Topps and Upper Deck baseball  Derek Jeter.  Rookie Baseball Card Collection is another place to find these cards including valuable Topps vintage cards.  LeBron James autographs and Derek Jeter autographs are also in focus there.  High end hall of fame cards such as Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Stephen Strasburg can also be found here.  Derek Jeter Rookie is another great card article that may show you some different and additional 1993 rookies than you can find here.  Derek Jeter PSA and BGS gem mint 10 Topps cards are very valuable.

Friday, January 9, 2015

$CHL China Mobile Shares Trading Higher Yet Again on 1/9/2015

Shares of China Mobile are up over $61 per share in day trading on Wall Street today.  This is exciting for shareholders, and the last few times the shares went this high, they had trouble holding and exceeding these levels.

I am long CHL and feel the stock is strongly undervalued here still and am holding for the long-term.

VitaCig $VTCQ Shares Settling in, March Higher to 5 Cents Per Share in Trading

Vitacig shares today are trading up slightly, at 5 cents per share.  Investors in mCig now have shares of Vitacig that trade at 5 cents, added to their shares of mCig that trade at 16 or so cents, making a total shareholder value of 21 cents per share.  Some will sell their shares but that does not make sense to me.

Disclosure, I am long both companies and am excited to see if the future brings an increase in shareholder value.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

$AAPL Shares Rally Big Time Today - Options Watch

Shares of Apple posted huge gains today for the large company, with its stock price rallying more than 3% in trading.

Options traders will be watching this price swing as in the options market, a 3% move in the stock price translates to even larger gains if you have the option going the right way.

Disclosure, I am long AAPL.

Nuvilex Name Changed to PharmaCyte Biotech, Inc. and is Undervalued

The name change for ticker symbol NVLX was changed on January 7th (it was announced) to PharmaCyte Biotech Inc. and is currently trading at only 19 cents per share while the high of the year has been 62 cents per Yahoo! Finance.

The stock may be undervalued at these levels since the 52 week range indicates that it is way closer to the low than the high.  It is up 3% today.   This stock is on watch here by the blog.

What are your thoughts on this stock?

I have no position in NVLX.

VitaCig $VTCQ Showing Strength Again Today Read Here

Shares of VitaCig, ticker symbol $VTCQ, are holding up today and are trading currently at 6.5 cents a share from what I see.

This is important and the high of the day was 8 cents per share so far.  Shareholders can add 6.5 cents to the value of mCig shares and see that now they have close to 25 cents per share in value.  This is a welcome step, and some thing Vita Cig might have more potential than mCIG.

Which of these shares are you holding?  Both?  Just one?  None?  Please let us know.

Disclosure, long all of these shares.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

$ECIG Share Decline Reaches Pitiful Lows - 5 Cents Per Share 1/7/2015

Today, as of 1/7/2015, the stock of ECIG has traded as low as 5 cents per share.  This is a dismal performance as shareholders and traders continue to price the stock lower.

Yet another day has ensued with rough trading, leaving shareholders to wonder how can this happen.

I am long ECIG and being patient, I feel that this downturn will not last forever and I am willing to bet my shares on it.

Stay tuned for more updates like these on top OTC stocks, with undervalued stock picks being highlighted based on my opinion on this blog.